Lake Geneva Jaycees donate to Walworth County Alliance for Children

Today the Lake Geneva Jaycees donated to the Walworth County Alliance for Children (WCAC). The WCAC is an advocate for the victims and families affected by abuse. Their primary focus is protecting children and stopping the cycle of child abuse. They do this by providing child abuse awareness, prevention, education and training services and programs for children, families, schools, and community agencies in our area.

This cause is a high area of importance to the Lake Geneva Jaycees and the future health of those that may be in need of services provided by the WCAC.


(Pictured are current and former members of the Lake Geneva Jaycees as well as members of the Board of the Walworth County Alliance for Children )

The Lake Geneva Jaycees are proud to support the community and giving back to the future of our community in efforts such as these.  The Jaycees hold several fundraising events every year, in the Lake Geneva in order to do just that.

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