Memory Walk 2008 for Alzheimers Results

The Lake Geneva Jaycees Memory Walk team came close to its recruitment goal, but a little short of its fund raising goal.   Overall all our Jaycee Walking team has a great time, got some good exercise and managed to grill up some great eats for the thousands of walkers that raised a combined total of nearly $60,000.00 this year!

Memory Walk Numbers


 Memory Walk 2008Memory Walk Goals
Memory Walk 2008

Our Club Vice President Dave Jacobsen with fellow Jaycee Joe Wall.   Don’t think too hard guys!

Memory Walk 2008
Mr Hoss joins the thought process!

Memory Walk 2008
A view of beautiful Geneva Lake off the South side of the lake walk. Picture by Jer

Memory Walk 2008

The Jaycess 2008 Walking Team lead by our 2008 Club President David Broaden!

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