Ice Fishing Derby Information – Internal

Hey Gentlemen,
Just wanted to drop you a note with the attached flier.
We have garnered about $8,500.00 in donated money, prizes, and services!
The event is ready to rock and tickets are printing.
We need your help with the final execution!
1.   Tent set up.   Friday February 8th 3 PM.
       We will be putting up two tents donated by the National Guard
       32×16 and
       We will be meeting at the Boat Launch at 3 PM.
       Many hands will help speed the work.   Please attend if at all possible.
2.   The day of the event the Ice Fishing Committee will be on the ice at 5 AM.
              We will need additional help for the following:
              A.   Food Sales-Hot Dot, Brats, Chili, Coffee and Cocoa.
                         We will have Nesco’s available to keep all food hot and beverages for the thirsty.
                         It would be great to have 5 guys for this portion.
              B.   Raffle Ticket Sales-You will need to traverse the ice and sell tickets.
                         This would be a great job for Fatts, JW, Luke, etc. etc.
                         We will be raffling some awesome tickets and could use as many raffle ticket sales people as possible.
              C.   Registration
                         Tickets Sales and Collection.
              D.   Fish Registration
                      This will be an on going event and we will need people to measure fish throughout the day.   Hourly prizes will be awarded!
              E.   Final Awards Ceremony
                       This takes place at approximately 2:30 PM and we will need a few hands for helping hand out prizes and the like.
              F.   Clean-up after the event.   Taking the tent down, collecting garbage, gathering unsold food products. etc. etc.
Gentlemen,  we are excited to be hosting the 1st Jaycee Ice Fishing Derby on Geneva Bay!
Much work and effort have come before today, and we very much need your assistance.
With your help,    this event is sure to  be a success.
Please let me know when you would be available and what you are interested in helping with.
Thanks a Million!
Fish On,
David Broaden
Ryan Stelzer
Jayson DeLange
Luke Spiegelhoff
Joe Pacholczak

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