Archival Photos

Welcome to the Lake Geneva Jaycee’s Archival Photo Library.   Here you will find pictures of past Jaycee members, past Jaycee events and other timeless photos many born before the age of the personal computer, much less the internet!   See anyone you recognize here? Let us know about it!

Have old photos from Jaycee events, or old photos of Jaycees from years past?   If you do, email us at with a subject of “Archival Photos” to the attention of “Jer” and we will make sure your photos gets posted.     You can either send your old photos via email or have us scan them for you. Where ever you see a “?” (Question Mark) that is someplace we are unsure of the date or person/event pictured. If you know the answer, again, email us!

 Enjoy the following library of Archival Photos in the links below!   Thank you and enjoy!!!

1980s Venetian Festival?

1985 Archival Photos

1998 Wolf River Canoe Trip

1986 Archival Photos

1987 Archival Photos

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