Jaycee Honors

Jaycee Honors


The title of Senator is the highest honor that may be granted to a member of the Junior Chamber International.


The title of Ambassador is the highest honor that may be granted to a member of the United States Jaycees.

State Honors

Approximately 20 state-based Junior Chamber organizations have an established program that recognizes the achievements of Junior Chamber members at the state level. The process for establishing and administering these recognition programs is decentralized to each individual state organization. Many of these honorary state organizations are referred to as Corps and the members of these organizations typically meet once a year at the Corp of Corps Convention. The title conveyed on recognized members varies from state to state. Examples of these honorary titles include:

  • “Colonel” in Georgia, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee.
  • “Gator” in Florida.
  • “Governor” in Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, New York and Delaware.
  • “Militia Major” in Maryland.
  • “Roughrider” in North Dakota.
  • “Statesman” in Connecticut, Minnesota, West Virginia and Wisconsin.
  • “Tiger” in California
  • “Eagle” in Arkansas
  • “Bama Brigadier” in Alabama

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