Ryan Lasch – 57th President (2018-2019)

Ryan Lasch – 57th President (2018-2019)

2018-2019 Past President

E-mail: lgjcpresident18@gmail.com

Brief info

Ryan moved to lake Geneva in 2001 and graduated from Badger High School and Gateway Technical College. He has held various positions in the sales and service industry for 13 years. Ryan is always looking to learn new skills, develop his leadership abilities, expand his network and build relationships.

Ryan has been a member of the Jaycees since 2010 and a board member since 2012. He has helped run many events through the community such as the Easter Egg Hunt, Christmas Parade, and Pig Roast. He also has begun to further serve his community by recently joining the board of directors at the Lake Geneva YMCA

Our Events

Leadership Development through Community Service


Individual Jaycees “age out” when their membership year ends following their 41st birthday. In the past, the friendly term “Exhausted Rooster” was used for such individuals, who had completed their Jaycee careers. Some remain available to assist their former organizations through advising on request, acting as a trainer and being present at organization functions. Recently, the Exhausted Rooster has given way to the gender-neutral term “Jaycee Graduate” or ROOSTER. The Roostering event consists of a dinner and Roast of those member(s) aging out of the Chapter. The event is funded by requiring members to pay for their dinner on the day of the event. This fee also covers the venue/hall and any awards that may be given.


Installation Banquet

The annual Installation Banquet is used to swear in the new Board Elect and summarize the past year. It consists of dinner, cocktails, swear in ceremony, and musical entertainment. Awards are presented to the current and past members for: Rookie of the Year, Jaycee of the Quarter and Year, Officer’s Award, Chairman’s Award, and Lifetime Achievement. This is a formal event and members who attend are required to pay a fee to cover dinner and refreshments. Tickets to the event are for sale and open to any Jaycee, past or present, and spouse or significant other. Current and Board Elect members attendance is required.

Installation Banquet

In coordination with the Lake Geneva Area Chamber of Commerce, the Lake Geneva Jaycees provide much needed manpower for the annual Christmas Parade. This event takes place the first Saturday in December as is kicked off by pre-parade social. Members then head out to organize and release upwards of 100 floats for the parade in traditional Jaycees style. The event is capped by a post-parade social event.

Christmas Parade

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