FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Jaycees?
The Jaycees is an international not-for-profit organization which helps young adults between the ages of 21 and 40 develop business connections and leadership skills.

2. Why should I join the Jaycees?
In addition to the local opportunities for training and business networking, you will be offered chances to meet and learn from many outstanding people from around the world.

3. What makes the Lake Geneva Jaycees unique?
We strive to not only better our community, but better the lives and success of our members. The brotherhood and comeradery shared by our members is one of the key reasons our fund raising and community giving are second to none. And most of all, we have fun while doing it.

4. What is the membership fee and what’s included?
The membership fee is $100 per year. In addition to a one year membership in the Lake Geneva Jaycees, you will also receive a Jaycees Shirt, special discounts at member businesses, beverage tokens for use at Venetian Festival, and special discounts to member events and outings.

5. Why is there a membership fee?
A portion of your membership fee goes to the state, national and international organizations. The fee will also cover expenses for operating a Wisconsin corporation like taxes, rent, supplies, insurance, website, etc.

6. Why is there an age limit?
Due to our national and international parent organizations’ bylaws, we can only accept members between the ages of 21 – 40.

7. What is the application process?
You will need to show us a valid ID confirming your age, submit your membership fee, and be ready to have fun. And tell your friends why they should join too! You can apply here.

8. Why do I need to bring in new members?

The Lake Geneva Jaycees cannot provide quality business networking if its membership does not continuously invite new members. With every valued new member adding to the diversity and talent pool, the Lake Geneva Jaycees gets stronger and more valuable as a group.

9. I already belong to another chapter. Can I join the Lake Geneva Jaycees, too?

Because our core value is integrity, we will only accept transfer members. We will not accept members from other chapters who wish to pursuit dual memberships.

10. If I don’t live in Lake Geneva, can I still join the Lake Geneva Jaycees?

Yes we accept members from the entire Geneva Lakes Area and surrounding Lakes Communities.